Meet the Staff

At Bigelow, our counselors loop with the classes. The students have the same counselor all three years, which provides more opportunities for connection and consistency. Grade level counselors are available to meet with students throughout the school day to address a variety of issues including social difficulties, emotional regulation, and logistic/schedule concerns. Grade level counselors also meet with the team teachers regularly to discuss student progress, performance and concerns. Counselors serve as a contact point for parents to help facilitate contact with teachers or to offer support with and education about developmentally appropriate social/emotional concerns or issues.

Grade Level Counselors:

  • Ms. Kathleen Ahern, M.Ed., Licensed School Counselor
  • Ms. Molly Morrow, M.S., Licensed School Counselor
  • Ms. Jessica Pierce, M.S., Licensed School Counselor

Additional Staff:

  • Ms. Daniela MacKinnon, M.S., Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Inclusion Plus Program
  • Dr. Jordanna L'Esperance, PsyD, Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist, HSP
  • Ms. Michelle Reddick, METCO Counselor

Where to find us:

The counseling offices are located off the sixth grade, first floor hallway. If you have an appointment with a member of the department, please sign in to the main office and they will direct you.

How to contact us:

Our staff is available during the academic year, Monday-Friday. Students are welcome to schedule meetings with any member of the staff during the school day. Parents are encouraged to contact staff members with questions or concerns during the school day. We can be reached by email or phone.

Ms. Kathleen Ahern, Grade Level Counselor (617)-559-6805

Ms. Molly Morrow, Grade Level Counselor (617)-559-6804

Ms. Jessica Pierce, Grade Level Counselor (617)-559-6806

Ms. Michelle Reddick, METCO counselor (617)-559-6817

Ms. Daniela MacKinnon, Inclusion Plus Social Worker (617)-559-6827

Dr. Jordanna L'Esperance, Psychologist (617)-559-6820