Media & Digital Learning

Needham Public Schools

This site has been created by the Media and Digital Learning Department to provide the Needham Public Schools Community with a "one stop" spot for several resources. The main menu areas are Family Resources, Online Safety, Remote Learning, Digital Toolbox, School Libraries, Copyright & Fair Use, and Tech Help.

A friendly guide for students and guardians on our technology and media applications and tools.

A collection of resources to guide users to learn and teach about Digital Citizenship and Online Safety for students and teachers.

Tools and resources for teaching from a distance.

The Devices & Apps section provides guides on our school technology devices, apps, and services.

Our libraries put together these resources for our staff and students. Find links to the library websites, research tools, and recreational resources.

A place to access resources for assistance in determining whether the planned use of information and material is permissible.

Common troubleshooting guides, information on how to report a problem, and frequently asked questions with answers from our team!