Our Team

Our Team

We focus on creating cutting-edge rich internet and mobile applications to solve complex problems for our customers, both internal and external to NC State University. We strive to help our customers figure out how they do what they do, and to provide them with a solution that can fit seamlessly into their workflow.

Goals of Outreach Technology

  • Help define the workflow of our customers

  • Greatly increase the efficiency of our customers

  • Further PHP education

  • Push the envelope of innovation with new technologies

  • Strive to contribute back to the open-source community


Everette Allen Chief Group Directives Manager
Email: Everette_Allen@ncsu.edu
Everette is the manager of our group and a big-time Apple guy. Since becoming the manager in June 2006, we have expanded our horizons into the mobile world of Apple and beyond.

Walt Turner Lead Outreach Technology Web Developer
Email: wlturne2@ncsu.edu
Walt is our lead PHP developer and comes from a long history of PHP work with a security focus

Jared Tamulynas Lead Mobile Application Mogul
Email: jwtamuly@ncsu.edu
Jared is our
Mobile and Web Applications Developer.

Dan Waller Part-time Mobile Application Consultant
Email: Dan_Waller@ncsu.edu
Dan graduated from NC State University with a B.S. in Computer Science. He helps out as needed.