Our Projects

Outreach Technology is proud to open source almost every project we work on under a BSD license.

A NCSU Github account (https://github.ncsu.edu) is required to report issues.


  • Committee on Committees (SourceReport an Issue) – generates a survey that allows faculty and staff to signup for assignment to one of the University Standing Committees. Uses Google cloud.

  • Dining API’s (SourceReport an Issue) – is a subset of the MobileAPI. It is used to access dining menus and hours. Uses Google cloud.

  • Go Links – is a link-shortening service for campus (go.ncsu.edu). Uses Google cloud.

  • MobileAPI (SourceReport an Issue) – used to provide data for mobile applications (Android – building, calendar, ADA parking updates, iOS – ADA parking, weather, people via LDAP). Uses Google cloud.

  • NCSU Mobile Website – website that provides resources for campus units developing mobile applications. Uses Google cloud.

  • On Campus (SourceReport an Issue) – is a guide to life on campus at NC State University. On Campus has been designed to meet the needs of current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Uses Google cloud.

  • On Campus Alerts – cron job to check WolfAlert RSS feed every minute and will then send push notifications to the On Campus app if there is a new message. Uses Google cloud.

  • On Campus Wolf Alerts – a Google Firebase project that holds the WolfAlerts real-time database that is used for messaging as well as analytics for the On Campus app.

  • OT Framework (SourceReport an Issues) – is the foundation on which some of the OT web apps are built upon.

  • ot.ncsu.edu – website for the OT group within OIT which is the campus IT department. Uses Google cloud.

  • PackTV (AppleTV, iOS, iPadOS, Roku) (SourceReport an Issue) – is an application for watching PackTV content on NCSU.

  • WebFramZ (SourceReport an Issue) – simple application to display URLs like they were photos in a digital picture frame.

  • WolfBytes – Integrates Vimeo video data into Apple TV and Roku apps for NC State TV. Uses Google Cloud.


  • Billboard (SourceReport an Issue) – allows users to manage and display digital signage. Uses Google cloud.

  • Captioning Grant Form – custom application for submissions to the OIT Captioning Grant process. Uses Google cloud.

  • Cyclone Cron – Cron jobs that process email for potential DCMA violations. Uses Google cloud.

  • JamfPro2Sheetz – report generation for End Point Protection compliance based in the Jamf Pro API and Google Data Studio. Uses Google cloud.

  • Kiosque (SourceReport an Issue) – allows users to manage and display digital kiosks. Uses Google cloud.

  • Sheperd – prototype iBeacon fleet maintenance application. Uses Google cloud.

  • TimeKeeper (Source) – handles the management of part-timers’ schedules and time sheets, and it holds records of employee skill sets.

  • Web Registry (SourceReport an Issue) – is central Google resource management and continuity assurance tool for social media and other university resources.


  • Dining iPad Website (SourceReport an Issue) – displays the menus for the NCSU dining halls.

  • Gideon – Google Calendar event aggregation application that accumulates events shared to a generic account’s service account. Shared calendars can be tied to one or more categories, and events are then searched real-time. Uses Google cloud.

  • Lawbooks – displays a Google spreadsheet of laws applicable to NCSU and allows searching. Uses Google cloud.

  • OT Sports Scores – Provides a UI for PackTV team to enter sport scores that will be sent to the On Campus app as push notifications. Uses Google cloud.

  • OUC API (SourceReport an Issues) – simple API that returns information about an OUC number.


  • Color My Data – application that arrives at a color representing the privacy of your data by asking a series of questions.


  • Aerial – is an application that was developed for Classtech so that they could more easily manage their part-timers who do room checks, the status of room checks, email professors based on building and room, get reporting on their classroom checks, and allow the Help Desk to dispatch Classtech technicians when something needs to be fixed.

  • Classmate – handles registration for workshops and classes taught by OIT. Administrators can create workshops and then add instances of those workshops to the calendar. Users can then sign up for said workshops.

  • Crosswalk – is a complex amalgamation of: customizable tabs; customizable decision trees; alternative authentication; customizable, reorderable, re-assignable tabs inside details views representing repair tickets; and more.

  • Cyclone – is a management tool for managing various pieces of the NCSU residential network.

  • Groupr – groups people for use in iTunesU.

  • Itappdev Test – test project for Google graph API.

  • iBeacon API – prototype beacon information system in JSON. Describes an inventory of beacons with geo location. Uses Google cloud.

  • Imagination Assets – Google buckets and resource files for the Imagination Corridor and other bluetooth beacon related projects. Uses Google cloud.

  • Imagination Corridor – Imagination Corridor project code and support.

  • OIT People – allows OIT employees to keep up with meetings and minutes, and it is used to find coworkers.


  • Active – we are still adding features and actively coding on the product.

  • Maintenance – we are making bug fixes and security patches but no new features.

  • Depreciated – we no longer patch/update it but have not announced it is going away in sysnews.

  • Retired – we have turned off access to the depreciated system but it still exists on servers and in github (in some cases the github repo still exists for reference purposes)

  • Archived – we have copied the source code to a CD and removed all traces from the github repo. and servers.