Policies and Procedures


We don’t have a lot of policies, but the few we have are very important to maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Project Acquisitions

Our group’s focus lies on 5 different project types:

  • New projects (internal or external)

  • Bug fixes for existing applications

  • Enhancement requests for existing applications

  • Distribution of existing projects

  • External project contributions

Prioritization Meetings

Every month our group has a meeting to determine priorities for the next month. These are based on the published priorities.

Revision Release Time

Production releases will not be pushed out after close of business on Thursdays, unless the group decides that a critical bug or security fix must be released.

Filling Bugs and Enhancement Requests

Bugs and Enhancement Requests for existing applications must be filled through our system to be considered. Requesting service through other avenues means that the communication doesn’t go to all members of the group and has a high likelihood of being overlooked.

Points of Contact

Every project we take on has to have at least one responsible point of contact.

Browser Support

We strive to support W3C standards with our web applications. More than likely, our applications will work in most browsers written in the last 3 years with latest updates. Officially we support the latest HTML standards .

Accessibility Standards

Our group meets or exceeds the accessibility standards set forth by NC State University. A copy of these standards can be found at go.ncsu.edu/accessibility


These procedures are guidelines when we are developing new projects.

Version Control

Every project we do must be under version control. We use GitHub as our version control system.

Model-View-Controller Paradigm

Unless there is a specific exception, each project we work on will take advantage of a Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming paradigm. This allows us to be very flexible and keep our application and view logic separate.

Mobile First

All applications will run on mobile unless there is a specific exception.