Soils Laboratory Manual Library

The Soils Laboratory Manual Library

The Soils Laboratory Manual Library includes many resources for instructors that have been shared by the community. It includes institution-specific editions of the lab manual, instructor copies, assignments, and other ancillary and supporting materials. Instructors are granted read-only access to all files in the library, which allows them to view and download files, and to subsequently edit copies of those files for their own use. This also prevents unauthorized editing of other instructor's versions of the manual. Instructors who develop their own editions of the manual are encouraged to share their editions and supporting materials to the community. We administer the library through Google Drive. Because of the sensitive nature of some course materials, access is limited to only instructors with proven credentials. To request access, please complete the following form: request instructor access to the Soils Laboratory Manual Library, or fill out the form below. Once you have been approved, we will contact you and provide access to the Google Drive folder for the Soils Laboratory Manual Library.

The heading collage is from the cover of the Soils Laboratory Manual, which lists individual photo information on page ii