Soil & Water Conservation

An Annotated Bibliography

Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography is an ongoing project by Colby Moorberg and Sergio Abit to develop an open, alternative textbook for courses in soil and water conservation. Dr. Moorberg teaches AGRON 635 - Soil and Water Conservation at Kansas State University each fall semester. The goal is to develop a resource for soil and water conservation education that uses existing extension bulletins and publications, government publications, conservation practice standards, and other resources openly available online. It will be organized as an annotated bibliography, and curated into relevant pages and headings based on each topic. If you have resources like those described that would be relevant to soil and water conservation that you think should be featured in the textbook, then please send an email to Colby, along with a link to and short description of the resource. Also, if you are interested in using this resource or even testing it out in your classroom as a Scholarship of Teaching Learning exercise, please contact Colby to discuss it further.

Header image: Cole, E. 1997. Field windbreaks in North Dakota protect the soil against wind erosion.