The following individuals made contributions to either the Soils Laboratory Manual - K-State Edition, the founding version of the Soils Laboratory Manual, or they made contributions towards the publication of the article in Natural Sciences Education. Contributors to other editions of the manual will be made available in the Soils Laboratory Manual Library.

Primary Authors

Colby J. Moorberg

David A. Crouse

Secondary Authors

Maurice G. Cook

Larry D. King

Joseph Kleiss

Lloyd Stone

James A. Thompson


Nora Ransom

Michel Ransom

Kim Kerschen

Minor Contributors

Tiffany Carter

Madhubhashini "Buddhika" Galkaduwa

Garrison Gundy

Che-Jen "Jerry" Hsiao

Ashley Lorence

Dorothy Menefee

Andrew Newsum

Marcie Oelke

Kyle Stropes

Jay Weeks

Kasuni Hiranthika Haputhanthri Gamage

Erica Stuhlsatz

Thomas York

The heading collage is from the cover of the Soils Laboratory Manual, which lists individual photo information on page ii