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Colby J. Moorberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Moorberg is an Assistant Professor of Soil Science in the Kansas State University Department of Agronomy in a teaching and research appointment. The courses he teaches include AGRON 305 - Soils (an introductory soil science class), AGRON 598 - Undergraduate Research in Agronomy, AGRON 635 - Soil Conservation and Management, and AGRON 935 - Topics in Soils: Root & Rhizosphere Analysis. His research focuses on root dynamics, rhizosphere processes, greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands, hydropedology, and water quality. As an instructor, he is interested in the development of open educational resources (OER). In addition to the development of the Soils Laboratory Manual, his ongoing projects related to teaching include studies on the use of student response systems in large lecture soil science classes, and survey of instructors of introductory, undergraduate soil science courses across the United States. He also maintains the ColbyDigsSoil.com blog.

Twitter: @ColbyDigsSoil

LinkedIn: Colby Moorberg, Ph.D.

K-State: Dr. Colby Moorberg

David A. Crouse, Ph.D.

Dr. Crouse is an Alumni and Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, and the Undergraduate Program Director in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State University. Dr. Crouse's undergraduate teaching program consistently delivers a high quality learning experience to a large number of students from a diverse audience. A typical semester for his SSC 200 Soil Science lecture and SSC 201 Soil Science Laboratory will reach 400 students representing 60 different curricula. While his classes are high enrollment, individualized attention to the student remains a primary focus.

Twitter: @DavidCrouse

LinkedIn: David Crouse

NC State: David Crouse

Heading photo: "Cecil Soil Series" by John Kelley