Nativity BINGO

Bingo is going strong but we need your help!

Bingo scheduling will now be done through Home and School by Jennifer Weeks.

If you would like to schedule a date, please contact us at or online HERE

If you are unable to make your shift on the day you are supposed to work call the school office up to 3:00 PM at

219-763-2400 or After 3:00 PM call the Bingo Office at 219-706-9000.

Kitchen Workers need to report at 4:00

All other workers need to report at 5:30.

If you need to schedule, reschedule or call off prior to the day you are supposed to work a bingo please contact the school office at 219-763-2400.

If you need to call off on the night you are supposed to work please call the school office before 3PM and the BINGO office AFTER 3PM at 219-706-9000.