Certified Faculty Opportunities:

None at this time

2023-2024 Support Staff Opportunities:

We will take applications at anytime and keep them on file for one year. 

Application for Support Staff.pdf

Equal Opportunity Employer

Nativity of Our Savior is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Nativity of Our Savior assures equal employment opportunity in all its employment policies and practices.

These policies and practices are administered without regard to race, color, national origin, age, gender, marital status, political affiliation, veteran status, service membership, sexual orientation or mental or physical disabilities not affecting one's ability to perform the essential functions of one's job. There are certain positions in the Diocese of Gary for which it is necessary to be Catholic, and some positions for which preference in hiring shall be given to people who are Catholic and who evidence an understanding of the Catholic faith and a commitment to living that faith. Such preference is allowed under state and federal law, and does not constitute an illegal act of discrimination.