Modern Studies

The Modern Languages Department offer the following courses:


  • Democracy and Dictatorship – pupils will learn about different forms of government and will investigate a country to determine to what extent it is a democracy. They will create their own political party, pressure groups and hold mock elections.


  • Conflict and Co-operation – the focus is on World Terrorism, but pupils will also investigate the causes and consequences of current conflicts and international organisations such as the UN, NATO and EU.


  • Pupils study three topics

  • 1) Crime and the Law – the spotlight is on the causes and consequences of crime, knife crime, courts and sentencing, police and prisons.

  • 2) USA – pupils will learn about life in the USA and investigate the Death Penalty, Gun Control and Immigration.

  • 3) The Developing World – the focus is on sub-Saharan Africa and issues faces by developing countries, the politics of aid and the role of the international community.


S1 China Elective: An exciting investigation into China using themes across the Social Subjects of Modern Studies, History and Geography to really get an insight into China. Topics include ‘Inventions of China’; ‘ Wild China’; ‘Myths and Legends of China’ and a focus on business in ‘Apple in China: Rotten to the Core?’.

S2 Journalism Elective: A creative focus into the world of Journalism. We study the core skills needed to be a successful part of the journalistic world including investigation skills, photography and the power of the media. Also an opportunity to explore some of the most important and current issues going on in the world that are important to you.

Social Subjects

We also offer a social subjects class at S3. This class offers Geography, History and Modern Studies for pupils.

Senior Phase

In S4 to S6 - pupils can study National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. Areas of study include:

  • Democracy in Scotland and the UK

  • Social Inequality

  • China

  • The USA

  • Crime and Law

Additional Information

The German Exchange to Landshut is organised by of the Modern Studies Department.