The English Department offer the following courses:

In S1-S3 the department offers all pupils courses which provide a wide range of activities linked to language and literature as part of the Broad General Education. The central aim of the department is to improve pupils’ confidence and performance in Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening. The study of imaginative literature lies at the heart of everything we do. In S3 emphasis is placed on preparation for National Qualification courses in S4. The department works closely with the school librarian to promote reading and literacy and, in addition to the four timetabled English periods per week, there are dedicated literacy periods for all S1 and S2 classes.

In the Senior Phase, the department offers the following National Qualifications:

  • National 3

  • National 4

  • National 5

  • Higher (SCQF level 6)

  • Advanced Higher (SCQF level 7)