The Drama Department offer the following courses:

  • Drama BGE (S1 – S3)

  • S1 Elective Drama Shorts

  • S2 Elective Mask Making & Performance

  • S3 Drama

  • Senior Phase:

  • National Drama (N3/N4/N5)

  • Higher Drama

  • NPA (Higher Level) Acting & Performance

  • Wider Achievement Dynamic Youth Award Community Theatre

Additional Information

The Drama Department offer learning opportunities using a range of teaching methodologies, combining both academic and practical work. Drama is a subject that people incorrectly assume is only useful if you want to become an actor… Drama is in fact a subject which develops and compliments all range of skills and disciplines, and performing is simply one element of the subject. Drama demands a range of skills to be developed, all of which are transferrable to complement other subjects and career pathways. It encourages pupils to become critical and creative thinkers, to appreciate the social, emotional and cultural aspects of their world and their place within it. Drama develops natural leadership, team work, problem solving and effective communication. It can help build self-confidence and resilience through competence and evaluation. Life skills core to the subject include:

  • Literacy

  • Time Management & Organisation

  • Employability

  • Communication

  • Team Work

  • Resilience

  • Performance & Creativity

  • Problem solving skills & Analysis

  • Observation & Attention to detail