The Geography Department offer the following courses:


  • History – Scottish wars of Independence then American migration

  • Modern Studies – democracy & dictatorship then World issues

  • Geography – Grand tour of Scotland then Global water (rainforests and deserts)


The core geography course centres on the following units and sets the foundations for later success at National level.

  • Population

  • Earth forces and Natural disasters

  • Glaciation

  • Cityscapes

  • Agriculture

  • Disease (cholera)

National 4/5

  • Physical environments

  • Human environments

  • Global issues


  • Physical environments

  • Human environments

  • Global issues

Advanced Higher

  • Geographic Issues

  • Geographic research and study

Additional Information

Geography contributes greatly to general education and the wider curriculum. It will help develop informed and active citizens by helping learners gain a greater understanding of the differences in development, processes, changes and pressures of the modern world. Learners will develop skills which are transferable to other areas of study and which they will use in everyday life. During the national course students will gain skills that are not only essential to the study of geography and other social subjects but also relevant to their whole academic development. The practical and multidisciplinary nature of Geography will help to develop skills in employability and enterprise. The emphasis on the critical evaluation of sources, including maps and statistics, will develop thinking skills, graphic, literary and numeracy skills.

The natural progression from a National 5 pass within the school environment is to continue the study of geography with the Higher course and then onto Advanced Higher.

The department’s goal is to support our pupils in meeting their targets. Emphasis on learning conversations and building positive relationships with each learner is what underpins our approach. Courses are designed to be progressive but with consistent elements, such as writing frames and exam skills.