Home Economics

The Home Economics Department offer the following courses:

  • Practical Cookery

  • Practical Cake Craft

  • Health and Food Technology

  • Wider Achievement REHIS

Additional Information

Welcome to the Home Economics Department at Elgin Academy:

Our Department offers a wide range of courses and extra-curricular for all pupils. Our extra-curricular classes consist of a cooking club and the gardening club.

The HE department along with Biology and SFL have a garden which allows us to grow and harvest our own foods, harvest and cook with the food and learn about the farm to fork process. As well as this all departments can use the grounds to teach outside.

BGE pupils in S1/2 work on both Food and Fabric. S2 plan, organise and run a farmers market in December which is supported by the local community and businesses.

S3 pupils can opt into 3 periods of HE where they expand their knowledge of the curriculum looking at product development, Diet and Cookery skills as well as leading events on Fairtrade.

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