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How to Donate

  • By check - please mail it to:

Milpitas High School

Attn: Scholarships

1285 Escuela Parkway

Milpitas, CA 95035

  • By cash - Please stop by the College & Career Center and a receipt will be given to you.

Scholarships are available, but not limited, to students who are:

>> 9th - 12th grade

>> low income

>> undocumented

>> of multi cultural backgrounds


1. Academic Performance: Have your GPA and test scores available. Many scholarship applications ask for this, so don't be afraid to highlight test scores and/or GPA. Your counselor can provide you with the correct GPA calculations. There are plenty of scholarships available for students with any grade point average!

2. High School Activities: Listing a wide variety of extracurricular activities can help your scholarship application stand out. List activities such as sports, clubs and after school activities, whether it was for a semester or for your entire college career. List activities that focus on your unique skills and support your major of choice.

3. Community Service: Some scholarships require a minimum number of hours of volunteer work. There are also scholarships for students with a high number of community service hours. Even if community service is not a requirement on an application, it's still a great way to let scholarship providers know you care about the world and are a valuable a member of your community.

4. Financial Need: It is crucial for you to know your "financial need" information. You should have a college in mind and know their cost of tuition. Ask your parents about their financial standing and have an estimate of how much more money you will need for college.

5. Personal Statement: Give yourself enough time to write a creative personal essay. It should come from the heart and it is your chance to tell the provider who you are, how you see the world and why they should help you pay for college. Make sure you have someone else proofread your essay before turning it in!

6. Letters of Recommendation: Just like your personal statement, you have to start this process early. Even before you know what scholarships you want to apply for you should have teachers, coaches and mentors in mind. You want to give them enough time with their busy schedule to be able to write you a quality recommendation letter.

In-House Scholarships - MHS Students Only



**2018 General MHS Scholarship Application - Available Spring 2018 **

Filling out this application will automatically qualify you for all in-house scholarships HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE. ALL seniors are encouraged to fill this out!

In-house scholarships are scholarships that Milpitas High provides.

Turn in the general application to the C&CC Center.

Outside Scholarships

** new scholarships are added to the top of the sheet **

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