Medstudent POCUS has created a quick-look page for emergency clinicians using POCUS in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Here are our 4 top points for ED clinicians using POCUS for COVID-19.

COVID-19 lung ultrasound findings

are not specific for the virus and similar to the interstitial syndrome pattern that is seen with other viral illnesses.

Findings include:

  • B lines

  • confluent B lines

  • pleural thickening with irregularity

  • consolidated lesions in a skip pattern.

  • *Pleural effusions are rare.

Lung ultrasound (LUS) is an alternative to time-consuming CT scans, improving throughput and transmission risk. Thoroughness with a lawn-mower scanning motion increases sensitivity. LUS is more sensitive than CXR and as sensitive as CT for viral pneumonia *when lesions extend to pleura.

Preferentially use handheld devices, lung preset, and use same cleaning procedure as with endocavitary probes. Clean both before and after. Consider probe cover.

Disinfecting protocols

Scan the heart! COVID-19 can progress to myocarditis and heart failure.

And don't forget other uses: IV access, central line placement, intubation confirmation

COVID-19 PNA Example videos

courtesy of butterfly, inc. Find tons more on the searchable
COVID Lung 2.mp4

Pleural thickening and B lines

COVID Lung 1.mp4

Skip Lesions

COVID Consolidation.mp4

Lung Consolidation

Learn Lung US Now!

Lung ultrasound is relatively easy to learn. There have been suggestions to teach any untrained staff, including nurses. Some suggested applications: triage, screening, monitor progression

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Transcripts from global webinars

Transcripts from global webinars:ACEP / CUAP / AEUS / AAEM / SCUF national town hall on implementation of POCUS in COVID19 COVID-19 Ultrasound Town Hall 3/18/20 transcript COVID-19 Ultrasound Town Hall Video123sonography Webinar123sonography Webinar 3/19/20 Transcript notesButterfly WebinarButterfly Inc COVID19 POCUS Webinar 3/19/20 Transcript