Highly Specialized Programming Pathways

Minneapolis Public Schools offers Special Education services in each of our schools that support the majority of our learners. These services are often referred to as Resource or Federal setting 1 or 2 services.

Additionally, MPS offers highly specialized educational services and programming grades PreK-12+ in each region/area of the city for students who require more intensive special education services than can be provided at the Resource level. Students may receive special education services in their community school for up to 60% of their day before a regional program is considered.

It is the goal of MPS and the CDD to provide highly specialized services in community schools as often as possible. When services are not available in the community school there are schools nearby with the programming that support the needs of learners. Services are provided in a variety of settings, including general education and special education classrooms, community environments, and job training sites. Inclusivity is based on student strengths, interests, abilities, and modified outcomes and grading will be determined at each student’s IEP meeting on an annual basis.

This website is a quick way to see school pathways for a given Special Education programming service based on the CDD redesign. Visitors of this website can...

  1. Select a classroom type

  2. choose an elementary school in their geographical zone

  3. see what the school pathways are as a student progresses through their education with MPS.