Morris Area Schools Health Office

Guidelines for whether to send your student to school or keep them home:

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Health Office Hours

Welcome to the Morris Area School Nurse Web page!!

The Morris School District employs one health professional, a Licensed School Nurse (LSN), district wide. The LSN serves students at the Morris Elementary, Morris High School, St. Mary's School, and Early Childhood Family Education pre-school programs. The building office staff will be responsible for your student's health needs when the nurse is not available.

Parents and Guardians, follow the link to important forms regarding medications and treatments for your student(s). Check the link for immunizations to ensure your student is up to date with their shots. The miscellaneous health information link has information relating to health and disease topics common for school-aged children.

Staff, follow the link to Staff Resources for information regarding medical conditions or treatments that may be in our school system.

Students, follow the link to Student Resources for information that may be important to you.

Volunteers, watch for links to screening days, outreaches, and clinics. Contact Nurse Brooke if you are available to volunteer on any scheduled days. Thank you in advance!

Feel free to contact the school nurse at any time with questions, concerns, or recommendations.

Health Office Updates

  • HIGH SCHOOL HEALTH OFFICE is closed for construction. All health care services will be provided from the ELEMENTARY HEALTH OFFICE unless arrangements have been made for specific student needs.
  • Immunizations
    • Immunization needs letters will be sent in the mail soon IF your student is in need of more immunizations.
  • Hepatitis A outbreak in Minnesota