Given existing grant commitments and charitable program activities, the Morgan E. Cline Foundation will not award new grants in 2024.

Our Strategy

In 2021, the Morgan E. Cline Foundation underwent a strategic planning process to review the Foundation's accomplishments in its first 5 years and to plan for the next 5 (and beyond). 

You can read the resulting strategy document below. It outlines both how we will expand our current activities and introduce new ways to engage the community.


What we support

Morgan Cline's legacy of charity

The Morgan E. Cline Foundation focuses on two areas:

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organization that achieves social good through traditional business practices. In addition to their individual contributions supporting seniors, entrepreneurs, and cultural opportunities, our social enterprises all preserve important historic buildings and support the social and economic infrastructure of Appanoose County. 

Charitable grants

We award two types of competitive grants to organizations doing charitable work in four key areas in and around Appanoose County, Iowa. 

Starting in 2021, we will also, as strategic opportunities arise, actively seek opportunities to accomplish goals we believe are key to a viable and thriving Appanoose County. As appropriate, we may also invite selected partners to apply for funding for multi-year gifts to accomplish these goals.