About Us


The mission of the Morgan E. Cline Foundation is to fulfill our founder’s vision of fostering viable and thriving communities in and around Appanoose County, Iowa by collaborating to provide resources and professional support to local charitable organizations.


The vision of the Morgan E. Cline Foundation is to uphold Appanoose County as a place where our community members can build livelihoods, provide for their well-being, access historical and cultural resources, and harness our rich and diverse heritage to catalyze progress for our future and inspire pride for generations to come.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Morgan Cline was first and foremost, an entrepreneur. From the advertising firm he created from the ground up, to his work in Appanoose County supporting local start-ups, he loved nothing more than crafting a vision for the future and making it a reality.

High Achievement

Morgan expected top-of-the-line performance from himself and his employees. We continue that tradition with our board, business entities, staff, volunteers, and partner organizations.


Morgan credited his upbringing with instilling in him a strong moral compass and the value of hard work. Honesty, forthrightness, and oversight are key to our work in the community.


Morgan never forgot his humble beginnings. We continue his legacy of compassion and consideration for others.

Investment in Renewal

Morgan was passionate about restoring and maintaining historic buildings, transforming them into beautiful and productive spaces for today. He put his wealth, time, and energy into renewal, and so do we.

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