Grant applications are accepted by invitation only.

Our 2017 funding cycle is complete. Any new letters of inquiry will be held for consideration until summer 2018.

Morgan Cline Community Cornerstone Grant

For established mid-size or large organizations undertaking important charitable work, this one-time grant combines funding with technical services from our staff that can range from capacity building to advocacy and convening. As the name implies, our Community Cornerstone Grants are intended to support organizations, programs, or initiatives that are true cornerstones of Appanoose County.

The Community Cornerstone Grant may be used for general operating support, specific projects, or capital improvements. The most important criteria is that the funded work will have a significant impact on Appanoose County in one of our four strategic giving areas.

We currently fund up to one grant per year for each issue area, for a maximum of 4 grants per year. Given the scale of projects we seek to support, the minimum grant amount is $20,000.

We know some critical initiatives in our community address multiple issue areas. These cross-cutting initiatives may be considered for awards in all the areas they address.

To be considered for an award greater than $20K, the initiative must address more than one of the core areas.

We believe that very few organizations/projects can effectively address three areas simultaneously. Therefore, the maximum grant amount is $60,000.

Applicants that can demonstrate financial matches of 1:1 or greater are strongly preferred.

Growing Good Grant

Targeted at smaller or newer mid-sized nonprofits, this three-year general operating support grant combines staggered funding ($5,000 the first year, $3,000 the second year, $2,000 the third year) with in-kind capacity building services from our staff.

In addition to funding, our staff will work with your organization to customize a plan of support that will include anything from strategic planning to grant writing, program design, or communications. The intent of this grant is to help organizations with potentially large impact in Appanoose County professionalize and develop a solid foundation for growth once the foundation’s support has ended.

To provide the depth of technical support needed, we currently start a maximum of one Growing Good Grant each year. In this way, we have no more than three Growing Good Grants in operation at any one time.

Growing Good Grant recipients must work in one of our four strategic giving areas.

Who we fund

We support organizations with:

  • 501(c)(3) status that are also 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) public charities.
  • Churches, hospitals, schools, or governmental agencies like fire departments or public libraries undertaking charitable activities or tax exempt organizations that are 509(a)(3) organizations. As special rules apply to some of these types of organizations, it is important that they contact Alison Fraser to learn more about their eligibility.
  • Headquarters or substantial operations in or around Appanoose County, Iowa.
  • Strong board, volunteer, and/or staff leadership.
  • The capacity to measure and communicate their work.
  • Effective financial management and existing sources of funding.
  • The ability and willingness to collaborate with businesses, government entities, and other nonprofits to achieve their goals.

We do not fund:

  • Programs outside of the Appanoose County, Iowa area.
  • Individuals, either through scholarships or emergency financial assistance.
  • Businesses or political organizations.
  • Private foundations.
  • Organizations or programs focused on a single disease or medical condition.
  • Sports teams, including those at the youth, high school, or collegiate level.
  • Clubs or activities that are part of a public or private school, such as a high school yearbook, elementary school booster club, or college band.
  • Programs that promote religious doctrine.
  • Lobbying.
  • Real estate developers.
  • Payments of existing debt.
  • Any organization that discriminates on the basis of age (18 or older), race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, or disability.

How to apply

Full applications are accepted by invitation only.

If you would have a project you would like to be considered for an invitation, you may submit a one page maximum Letter of Inquiry (LOI) that briefly describes your organization and the charitable work you seek to fund or request a meeting with our staff.

Contact CEO(at) or 641-437-1068 to learn more about your eligibility and get help putting together an LOI.

We receive many more requests for funding than we are able to support, and the process is competitive. Beyond alignment with our goals for long-term impact, we use several additional criteria to inform grant decisions.

Past Grantees

2017 Grant Cycle

In 2017, we received letters of inquiry for grant funding from 19 qualifying nonprofits in Appanoose County. The projects proposed spanned the range of our giving areas and came from a variety of organizations. Ultimately, the foundation awarded the following grants:

2017 Community Cornerstone Grantees

  • Appanoose County All-Play
  • Appanoose County Historical Society
  • Friends of Oakland Cemetery
  • Rathbun Lake Area YMCA

2017 Growing Good Grantee

  • Kids World

Read more about our 2017 grantees in the Daily Iowegian.