Giving Areas

Areas of focus

The Morgan E. Cline Foundation focuses on four areas in our charitable giving:

Community and economic development

We want to work with organizations that help create jobs; help workers get good jobs; support entrepreneurs; strengthen community safety nets; build a stronger, safer, and more equitable community; or invest in the infrastructure needed to provide these services.

Historic preservation and redevelopment

We want to work with organizations that are harnessing our rich and diverse heritage to catalyze progress for the future. Maintaining old buildings may be costlier than building new ones in the short run, but we believe that the economic and cultural benefits of preservation pays off in the long run, and want to support organizations that demonstrate this belief in their programs and operations.

Seniors and healthcare

A large part of Morgan’s investment in our community was driven by his desire to take care of his family as they aged and experienced health challenges. We want to work with organizations that provide health care and senior services.

Culture and the arts

Access to cultural resources not only improves our community, it attracts new people and visitors to it. We want to work with organizations that provide cultural opportunities to our community members; attract artists, musicians, and thinkers to our region; and enhance the beauty of Appanoose County.