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Welcome to Clementi Town Secondary School's e-Open House 2020! πŸ™‚

Welcome to our school!

We would like to invite you to listen to our Principal, Mrs Helen Tan-Lee, speak about CTSS's focus on holistic development of our students via the PIESMA (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Moral, Aesthetics) framework.

School Information Video

For more detailed information about Clementi Town Secondary School, such as our Vision, Mission, Values and Belief, Signature Programmes for Academic and Non-Academic aspects and our Achievements, please view this video.

Click here to find out more about our signature CTSS programmes:

  1. ALP (PW) - Applied Learning Programme (with the inclusion of PW Skills)

  2. LLP - Learning for Life Programme

  3. Science-in-Action Programme

  4. Aesthetics Programme

Click here to listen to our students share about the CCAs we offer, what we do and how we hope to develop our Clementeens in our various CCAs.

Click here to listen to alumni and parents share about life in CTSS.

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School Publications

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(1) WeStories Publication

(2) School Brochure for Prospective Parents and Students

Celebrating Together

Celebrate 40 years of CTSS with us!