Mitchell Presbyterian Church

Mitchell, Indiana

Sunday Fellowship at 8:30 A.M.

Sunday Worship Service at 9:30 A.M.

Important Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Luncheon: Sunday, November 18th, 1PM

We will have Thanksgiving Luncheon or Harvest Dinner at 1PM, the Sunday before the Thanksgiving Day, November 18th with FPC Bedford people. Pastor Je will cook two turkeys as he did last year. Please join us with Thanksgiving!

Taste of Korea: Saturday, December 8th, 5PM at FPC

Craving for some spicy foods? Want to try some exotic foods? You have a wonderful opportunity to explore your taste! Please come and join us for the Taste of Korea! We will have variety of sweet, spicy, and different taste of foods from the Far East!

Fundraising for Schools in Mitchell

Mitchell Presbyterian Church just finished and overachieved the fundraising for the African Water Well. Now a well will be installed shortly in an African village so that those people can have access to clean water. And we are now working on a new fundraising for the schools in Mitchell, IN. Our goal is to raise $1,500. And the money will be donated to the schools in Mitchell. Please join and help us.

Soundness in Spirit and in Body: Wednesdays, 5pm

We are trying to catch three birds with one stone--Physical Health, Communal Health, and Spiritual Health. Every Tuesday 5pm, we will gather at Church. First we will exercise by walking (or running if you choose so). Then we will eat together for Koinonia in Christ. Then we will study Bible.

Small Exhibit: Abraham Lincoln's Presbyterian Connection

Do you know that the Presbyterians have a lot of share in American history? And do you know that the President Abraham Lincoln was a Presbyterian? Please come and see the small exhibit at our fellowship hall.

P. O. Box 245

520 State Road 60 East

Mitchell, IN 47446