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Finding our way through - Resources to support understanding of Covid 19 and to support families while staying at home

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Have a look at some of these resources and links to websites. There is some helpful information to help understand why your child might be responding in the way that they are.

The conversation cards are helpful to give ideas about managing some of the challenges that might arise at home at the moment.

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Ideas for Families to support wellbeing

There are many benefits for children (and adults) when they use relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, mindfulness and yoga, here are a few:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Helps to be calm

  • Sharpens the ability to focus and learn

  • Slows the heart rate

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Helps to control emotions

  • Helps with sleep

These skills are really important at the moment but they are life skills that we should all be able to use. Choose one of these a week and practice everyday. These are great for parents and carers too!

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Other useful resources

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Just Ask enquiry line - If you are a parent or professional and are concerned about any aspects of a childs health and development please get in touch with any of the services who are part of Just Ask. They can share advice with you and if there is a need to seek further support they will support you in thinking about next steps.

This website has great resources to support Child and Adolescent Mental Health. You will find links to website, apps and books as well as some great downloads for self help materials.

Lockdown wellbeing guide TRACIE .pdf

Wellbeing guide for lockdown - lots of great advice and reassurance for young people.

Supporting Families

Thinking about the health and wellbeing of the whole family is really important. Parents and carers need to look after themselves too. Here are some resources that could be useful. These are also useful for older teenagers.