The Digital Diaries

Welcome to The Digital Diaries! These diaries are an informal chat with some of the key staff from across Highland Schools who are helping to drive Digital Learning forward. These chats will be a great chance to find out more about what is happening in the various virtual classrooms and schools all over the area as well as a chance to see some examples of how digital learning is being used to enhance the pupil experience...Enjoy!

During May, 9 episodes of "The Digital Diaries" were recorded with various staff from across Highland Schools who sat down to chat about their Digital adventure during lockdown. They are now all together in one location in this eBook.

Episode 1: Tavs Laurie

Episode 2: Tania Mackie


Episode 3: Alan McHardy


Episode 4: Niall Ridgway

Episode 5: Andy Robb

Episode 6: Darren Brown


Episode 7: Arlene Beattie

Episode 8: Dougie and Deirdre Beck

@dougiebeck @deirdrefiddler

Episode 9: Jennifer MacIver


Episode 10: Christine Firth

Episode 11:

Dougie GalbraithNorman Bolton


Episode 12: Jan McCormack

Episode 13: Emma Hill

Episode 14: Rachel Cavellini