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Helpline 0300 303 1362

Staff Training: Wk Beg 25th May

Monday, 25 May

11:00am Highland Diagnostic Assessments: Part 2 - Review and Q&A (Highland Numeracy)

1:00pm Talk for Writing Question and Answer Session (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

3:00pm EDUCATION SCOTLAND EVENT: Big Blether – Primary

5:30pm Highland Diagnostic Assessments: Part 2 - Review and Q&A (Highland Numeracy)

Tuesday, 26 May

11:00am 1+2 Gaelic Drop-In Session (R.Mackay) [All Welcome]

1:00pm Writing Non-fiction (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm Using Story Problems to support understanding in Multiplication and Division at Early and First Level [Highland Numeracy Team]

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

3:00pm EDUCATION SCOTLAND EVENT: Big Blether – Secondary

4:00pm Higher Maths: Improving Performance with Attention to Mathematical Detail (Iona Coutts-Ed Scotland)

Wednesday, 27 May

1:00pm Writing Non-fiction (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm Adding a Rubric to Google Classroom (Tom Coles)

2:00pm Understanding the properties of multiplication and their application at First Level, Second Level and beyond... [Highland Numeracy Team]

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

Thursday, 28 May

1:00pm Grammar (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm An Introduction to Multiplication and Division at Second Level [Highland Numeracy] (All Staff)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)


Friday, 29 May

10:00am 1+2 Languages - Resources for Parental Engagement (R.Mackay/T.Pallut) [All Welcome]

1:00pm Global Teacher Online Forum (Rachel Avery)

1:00pm Grammar (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

'Kids Love Short Films'-Another Great Resource!

This is Highland...A Map of Schools Featured!

Our GREAT news sharing site, "This is Highland" is really growing now and as the map shows, we have schools featured from all over the area which is fantastic to see! At present we are sitting at 60 schools who have shared their stories of success, achievement, resilience, determination which ranges from stories of pupils, staff, parents and local community. How quickly can we reach the magical 100 schools mark?

125 Things to Do With your Kids During Lockdown

Introducing..."The Digital Diaries"

These diaries are an informal chat with some of the key staff from across Highland Schools who are helping to drive Digital Learning forward. These chats will be a great chance to find out more about what is happening in the various virtual classrooms and schools all over the area as well as a chance to see some examples of how digital learning is being used to enhance pupils' experiences.

Little Door Books-Free Audiobooks!

Realising the Ambition-Staff Book Club

For staff interested in learning more about a play based approach to learning, we are starting a Book Club every second Thursday from 3pm to 4pm starting on Thursday 21st of May. We will be working through Realising the Ambition. On Thursday, James Mctaggart will be giving us a short introduction and we will talk about how our book club will work. If you would like to join us, you can access the book club via Google meet on: meet.google.com/czr-xqsg-xip

FC Sonas Scottish Gaelic Football Service Launched!

This Week's Training Timetable (wk beg 18/5)

Monday, 18 May

1:00pm Imitation Phase of Writing (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm Podcasting with Soundtrap (Robert Quigley)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

3:00pm EDUCATION SCOTLAND EVENT: Big Blether – Depute Drop-in (Depute Headteachers)

Tuesday, 19 May

11:00am 1+2 Gaelic Drop-In Session (R.Mackay) [All Welcome]

1:00pm Creating toolboxes for Writing (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

3:00pm EDUCATION SCOTLAND EVENT: Big Blether – System Leaders, LA/RIC Staff

Wednesday, 20 May

11:00am Beginners Guide to Google Slides (Alan McHardy) [All Staff]

1:00pm Co-constructing Written Text (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm Overview of G-suite for School Office Staff [Niall Ridgway]

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

Thursday, 21 May

1:00pm Assessing Writing against the CfE Benchmarks(J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm An Introduction to Multiplication and Division at First Level [Highland Numeracy] (All Staff)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

4:00pm GEG Scotland's Digital Discussion (All Welcome to join this Scotland-wide Google Meet)

Friday, 22 May

1:00pm Global Teacher Online Forum (Rachel Avery)

1:00pm Innovation of Written Texts (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

GEG Scotland Digital Meet-Thu 21st @ 4pm

If you are able, come join us on Thursday at 4pm to hear more about what is happening all over Scotland with the latest GEG Scotland Digital Meet-Up. This particular one will have a distinctly Highland feel to it with the event featuring @tavs_laurie talking about Google Sheets and @highlandquigley hosting this Meet. Join us at 4pm.

"Wake Up and Shake" with Amy Gallagher...

Starting Wednesday 20th May @ 9.30am

We are delighted to announce that starting on this coming Wednesday (20th), the fabulous Amy Gallagher from Highlife Highland will be streaming LIVE across Highland Homes to ANY children who wish to 'get their groove on'! The live stream will take place every Wednesday at 9.30am and all you have to do to join in, is click on the link below, just before the session begins.


If you have any problems getting logged in, please contact your school.

National Smile Month Information!

STEM at home videos and activities - Science Skills Academy

Living Organisms Theme:

Teacher note – https://drive.google.com/open?id=15kE0P3u1FbUnebBlmsCbLvs75Jm1V0ZnqCSNrhEQI40

How to classify living and non-living things (early/first level)

How to make your own microscope (second level)

Space Theme:

Teacher note – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XSomZ7ZAMOp_L3QDyPv8zEG18o2HODXDB59bI1w8vaA

How to Build a Rocket

How to Build a Satellite:

In your garden theme:

How to make a Hover Fly Lagoon (early/first/second level)

BTO Garden Bird Watch (second/third level)

Pupil worksheet https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cvzXIe44PyXVILCcYQIMxkGzYfDLuqkl

Video - https://bit.ly/GardenBirdWatch

Brand New Resource-Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy launched on Monday 20 April. This brand-new enterprise has been created by 40 teachers from some of the leading schools across England, backed by government grant funding. It will provide 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages, for every year group from Reception through to Year 10.

Latest 60 sec Update from Our Safer Schools App

Scottish Opera's First Online Primary School Tour...."Fever"

Oceans Week on Let's Go Live!

Advice to Make Your House Cyber Safe...

Europol safe-at-home_final.pdf

Training for Week Beg 11th May

Monday, 11 May

11:00am Google Sheets [Tavs Laurie] (Primary Staff)

11:00am Highland Diagnostic Assessments: Part 1 - Review and Q&A (Highland Numeracy)

12:00pm * AMMENDED TIME* Google Sites (Robert Quigley) [All Staff]

1:00pm Whole class shared reading (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

5:30pm Highland Diagnostic Assessments: Part 1 - Review and Q&A (Highland Numeracy)

Tuesday, 12 May

10:00am Fluency Tutor-A Resource to Support Reading (Andrew Campbell) [All Staff]

11:00am 1+2/Gaelic Drop-In Session-"Intros and Greetings" (R.Mackay/T.Pallut) [All Welcome]

1:00pm Reciprocal Reading (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm An Introduction to the Language of Maths: Part 1: Early [Highland Numeracy] (All Staff)

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

Wednesday, 13 May

1:00pm Reading for enjoyment (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm Google Classroom Marking Workflow - Rubrics (Tom Coles) [All Staff]

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

Thursday, 14 May

10:00am French: 1+2 Languages & Core Web Resources to support Language Learning (R.Mackay/T.Pallut) [Primary Staff]

1:00pm Accountable Talk (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

2:00pm An Introduction to the Language of Maths (Part 2: Primary and Secondary) [Highland Numeracy]

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome)

4:00pm Book Creator Training (Robert Quigley) [All Staff]

Friday, 15 May

10:00am French: 1+2 Languages & Core Web Resources to support Language Learning (R.Mackay/T.Pallut) [Primary Staff]

11:00am Online Safety Q&A Drop-In (Robert Quigley/Eliz Macintosh) [All Welcome]

1:00pm The Gradual Revealing of Text (Jenny Wilson/Laura McGinlay) [All Staff]

New Webpage for The Pines!

Our 'GREAT NEWS' sharing site, "This is Highland" is really starting to fill up nicely with over 25 schools now having shared their stories of achievement and success over the period of lockdown. We are aiming (ambitiously) to get EVERY single Highland School onto this site before the summer so if you know of any stories from your own school, please visit the site using the link below and share the fabulous news. This site is designed to showcase all of the amazing efforts going on from our pupils, parents and staff across Highland. #ThisIsHighland

Click below to visit the site:

Latest 60 sec Update from Our Safer Schools App

Looking for Free Wifi across Highland?

A new page has been created on the Digital Hub, to highlight the areas in Highland where free wifi is currently available and how to access this wifi. This page now has a collection of maps showing the coverage areas for the locations identified on the map to the left.

Online Training for Coming Week (wk beg 4 May)

Thursday, 7 May

10:00am Maths activities to support Home/Family learning (Michael Ross) [All Staff]

11:00am Taking Account of Differing Needs (Alan Stewart) [All Staff]

1:00pm Literacy Leaders Year Two, Day Four (J.Wilson/L.McGinley)

1:00pm Beginner's Guide to Google Drive (Alan McHardy) [EYP/PSA]

2:00pm An Introduction to Multiplication and Division at Early Level (Highland Numeracy) [All Staff]

2:15pm Google sheets CPD (Martyn Crawshaw) [All Staff]

3:00pm Daily Digital Drop In (All Welcome

Highlife Highland Launch Leisure Activity Page

We are delighted to have introduced a new page to highlight a large number of suggested leisure activities for the whole family! A selection of videos can be found on this page to allow children and familes alike to join in with the activity on show! A few of these videos can be found on the right:

Need Some Help in Setting up a Council Provided 4G Dongle?

Huawei E5576 setup

Connecting to WIFI

Some video guidance below on setting up of 4G wifi/Mifi for any family who may have recieved a council-provided dongle.

V&A Dundee - Online Resources for Primary and Secondary

Design Busters https://www.vam.ac.uk/dundee/info/design-busters

Design Busters is a great, fun way to get minds young and old(er) engaged in the design process. Each week a new challenge will be released (the old challenges will stay up too – scroll to the bottom of the page for the archive) to encourage thinking about design in a different way. Call the freephone number to hear the challenge, or simply look online and read about this week’s task, then download the resources and off you go. Once completed, pupils (or even whole classes) can show off their designs by tweeting @VADundee #designbusters

Learning Resources https://www.vam.ac.uk/dundee/info/learning-resources

We have different learning resources, some of which we’ve already shared with you, and others that are new. ‘My Garden Design’ encourages learners to think about how design can be used to create the perfect outdoor space. Thinking about how it would look, sound, feel, pupils can design their own unique garden in detail using magazines and recycled materials from around the house. ‘Pop-Up Museum in a Book’ allows pupils to become curators of their very own mini museum. Add items from V&A Dundee, or decide on your own objects that should be included. What will the theme of your museum be? Will it be interactive? Again, using magazines/newspapers/recycled materials from around the house, pupils can use their imaginations to design and create their own collection.

V&A Dundee Stories https://www.vam.ac.uk/dundee/stories

Our short stories are a personal take by some of the V&A Dundee staff at some of the objects from the Scottish Design Galleries. The stories would be useful for older pupils (or staff) to engage with the process of design and think about what design objects in the museum or their home inspire them. Older pupils could be encouraged to write short stories of their own, using their own stimulus, to capture what design means to them. We’d love to read them, so please share them on twitter @VADundee

Audio: Within the stories section we also have a series of online talks which can be listened to on Spotify or Apple Music. These talks, recorded from our lunchtime series, cover a range of topics and again could be used with older pupils as a basis for discussions, writing tasks or questions. Downloadable info sheets accompany each talk, giving an overview of the content as well as highlighting the potential CfE and subject specific links, and a series of slides show the images referred to in the talks.

Numeracy Training Page Created

Social Enterprise Academy Launch...


In the last few months, the world around us has changed massively, now more than ever our communities need everyone to step forward and create positive change. Already, young people across Scotland are stepping up to the challenge. See #SEACommunityChampions on social media for some fantastic examples.

Is there an issue you feel passionate about? A group of people you want to help and support? Have you noticed a need in your community or thought of a way you can help the environment?

Through our Community Champion Challenge, we will support you to make a difference to the issues that you really care about. Each week a new task, video and activity sheet will be revealed to help you on your journey. Remember to submit your work each week and we will share some of our favourites. You can even earn certificates for all your hard work, as well as enter our Virtual Dragons Den for a chance to not only win a pupil workshop for your class but also £100 funding to help develop your idea.

Click HERE to visit the website!

***Launch of 'THIS IS HIGHLAND'

...our GREAT News Sharing Site!***

We are also delighted to announce that in order to continue to share and celebrate the amazing news coming out of Highland Schools during this challenging period of time, we have launched a new site -'This is Highland'.

This site will highlight numerous examples of how Highland pupils, parents and staff have shown incredible resilience and determination to not only overcome any obstacles in front of them, but to embrace and demonstrate their astonishing skills!

We will be encouraging schools to share their own good news with the aim being to have EVERY single school featured on the site and schools will be able to upload their Good News stories for inclusion. This site has been named "This is Highland" as this is the hashtag that is used on Twitter to celebrate the daily successes and really defines the amazing place of the world we live in.

Eden Court's Weekly Creativity Challenge

Highland Primary Science Resources

Science Skills Academy Challenges!

Online Training for Week Beginning 27th April

Click here for more details Please book via CPD Site

Please note a change of time for Assessment Tool on Mon 27th which has moved from 11am to 2pm

Monday 27th

10am: Online Safety Training (All)

11am: Digital Q&A for Primary Staff

1pm: Literacy-Morphological Awareness (All)

2pm: Assessment Tool: Google Classroom (All)

3pm: Daily Digital Drop-In (All Welcome)

Tuesday 28th

10am: How to use Book Creator (All)

11am: Using YouTube for Teaching (All)

11am: Digital Q&A for PSAs

1pm: Lit-Diagnostic Spelling Screener (All)

3pm: Daily Digital Drop-In (All Warmly Welcome)

Wednesday 29th

10am: Online Safety Training (All)

11am: Digital Q&A for Early Years Staff

1pm: Literacy-Wrap Around Spelling (All)

3pm: Daily Digital Drop-In (All Warmly Welcome)

Thursday 30th

10am: Podcasting/Soundtrap (All)

11am: Digital Q&A for ALL Secondary Staff

12.30pm: STEM/Science Q&A

1pm: Literacy-Trainer Text (All)

1.30pm: Numeracy Basic Facts Tracker (All)

2pm: Podcasting/Soundtrap (All)

3pm: Daily Digital Drop-In (All Warmly Welcome)

Friday 1st May

10am: Epic Books (All)

1pm: Literacy-Reading Ladder...

3pm: Daily Digital Drop-In (All Warmly Welcome)

Toothbrushing with Dino the Dinosaur!

Google Meet Tutorials

Thanks to @NiallRidgway

Highland Archive Centre Resources

The themes below will be accompanied by a fabulous information video, which will be uploaded to the YouTube page at 11am on these dates. Check them out!

23rd April – Archives for Family History

30th April – WWII

7th May – Jacobites

14th May – Health & Wellbeing

21st May – Education

28th May – WWI

4th June – Victorians

11th June – Crime & Punishment

18th June – Fake News & Reliable Sources

25th June – Transport

2nd July – Clearances

First Bus Education Packs

First BusAJ_22.04.pdf
First Bus Education pack FINAL April 2020.pdf
Here I come.mp4
Mary at the cottage door instrumental composition.mp4
Mary at the Cottage Door.mp4
Captain go sidetrack your train.mp4

World Earth Day Activities!

These activities come from the fabulous team at Science Skills Academy

Ocean in a bottle:

Teacher guidance – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kUWf6gi2rQukz6gBVG4mh6Q1n0fQ37VAcXav6hjHcuo/edit?usp=sharing

There are links to the videos in these documents – the video link is https://bit.ly/Oceaninabottle

Pupil worksheet for 1st Level (P2-P4)

Pupil worksheet for 2nd Level (P5-P7)

Ocean in a bottle CfE Level 1.pdf
Ocean in a bottle CfE Level 2.pdf
Oceans Grid activities.docx

3rd Level Activity

How to Clean an Oil Spill

Teacher guidance – https://drive.google.com/open?id=14dWOgQ0Nfq0MeGqLEv-LLiYuwubE_YUTtyxCc0jBv4k

      • Pupil worksheet – level 3-4 - link in the teacher guidance

On April 22nd, Earth Day goes digital! We've created a new lesson plan in collaboration with Google Earth to help students protect the planet from home.

It's time for a conversation about then and now. In this activity we invite students to connect with an elderly relative, either online or on the phone and engage in a conversation about climate change. How has the world changed since they were young? Students can then bring their climate findings to life by drawing the then and now and share their finished art or tag us on social!

Click here for: Earth Day Lesson Plan

Don't forget, we've adapted a number of our lesson plans to suit distance learning so you can encourage students to think beyond their four walls and engage with the Global Goals.

Click here to: Explore

Eden Court's Daily and Weekly Challenges

Weekly Creativity Challenge for Tuesday 21st April with responses due back by Monday 27th


Daily Creativity Challenge for 2 Tuesday 21st April– with responses due back by end of day:


Daily Creativity Challenge 3 for Thursday 23rd April - with responses due back by end of day:


BBC Bitesize Launches Brand New Schedule on Monday 20th April!

Videos to Support Reading Comprehsion

Big thanks to one of our Digital Leads, @tavs_laurie, for this very useful slideshow with number of links to videos that can be used to support reading comprehension. Check out his Twitter page for many more tutorial guides which are of a very high standard

Digital Youth Work Guidance Overview

Digital Youth Work Guidance.pdf

STEM activities from the Science Skills Academy

Exciting activities have been created by Science Skills Academy Team. See below!

How to build a paper tower - Pupil worksheet - Copy.pdf
How to build a marble run - Pupil worksheet.pdf

There are two activities which contain links to the video and they contain an explanation of the task.

Level 1 – How to build a paper tower

Level 2 – How to build a marble run

Click here for Teacher Guide

KT Tunstall's Message to Dingwall Primary

Very exciting! Scottish singer, KT Tunstall left a wee message for pupils of Dingwall Primary!

"Authors Live" During School Closures

Tuesday 21 April

Liz Pichon

Featuring lots of giggles and doodles, author and illustrator Liz Pichon explores the world of her well-loved character, Tom Gates. Suitable for ages 8-11.

Thursday 23 April

Nikesh Shukla

Hear about Nikesh's powerful novel The Boxer, the impact of experiencing racist abuse, and how sport can empower young people. Suitable for ages 12+.

Tuesday 28 April

Tracey Corderoy & Steven Lenton

Have your drawing supplies at the ready for a fun-filled event with the team behind the hilarious Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam books. Suitable for ages 6-11.

Thursday 30 April

Nick Sharratt

Learn how illustrator Nick Sharratt creates well-loved characters, such as Jacqueline Wilson's Tracy Beaker and Kes Gray's Daisy. Suitable for ages 6-11.

Tuesday 5 May

Julia Donaldson

Julia brings to life some of her best loved heroes and villains with costumes, puppets and song. Suitable for ages 3-6.

Thursday 7 May

Kwame Alexander

Join multi-award winning author Kwame Alexander for a compelling discussion about his books and the power of poetry. Suitable for ages 12+.

Tuesday 12 May

Emily Mackenzie

Draw along with this fantastic event, featuring a wonderful reading of Emily's picture book There's Broccoli in My Ice Cream! Suitable for ages 3-6.

Thursday 14 May

Lauren St John& Elizabeth Laird

Explore the importance of looking after the oceans, and hear all about where these amazing authors get their inspiration from! Suitable for ages 6-11.

A Parent's Guide to 'Zoom' from National Online Safety

"Thumble Tumble" and the Egghead Challenge!

Each day, younger children can tune in to hear author, @ah_proctor reading a chapter from one of her series of books- "Thumble Tumble" along with some activities, ideas and challenges to go along with the theme of the story. The live stream takes place each day at 9.45am.

As an extra interest for Highland Schools, a few well-known Teachers and Head Teachers have agreed to take part in the "Egghead Challenge" which involves them having an egg cracked on their head! For each educator who agrees to this, £10 is being donated by Thumble Tumble to support NHS workers. All the 'eggy' videos will be shown on Friday 10th April during the live stream

ROSCCO Challenge from Ross County FC

In addition to ROSSCO'S challenges below, Ross County FC have also produced a resource which may be of interest to pupils, parents and staff. Click on the County badge to go to the 'Learn from Home' resource


Fun Activities for 'Spring Break'

Spring Break Activities (1).pdf

Last Week's G-Suite Stats for Highland

Google Stats.pdf

We have pulled out the stats from the Highland Google Admin Console to try to get an indication of the impact in the use of the various Google Tools that schools have fully embraced during this period of 'Remote/Home' Learning. As you can see, the increase in use has been significant, especially in the use of Video Conferencing (Hangouts) and in the number of Chromebooks and users over the course of last week (23rd-27th March). This is a real reflection on how brilliantly pupils, parents and staff have adjusted to this new way of learning, during this difficult period.

As always, it is worth remembering that a balance must be struck between the use of the digital tools and the many, many offline learning opportunities that exist (many of which are promoted on this site!)