Third Level (S1-S3)


World Book Reader

A fantastic site with access to free electronic books!

Bitesized Spelling and Grammar

This contains entertaining video clips, word lists and teaching to help children understand when to use different spellings. It is useful, to ask you child to also write down the words as they are more likely to be remembered and spelled correctly if they are handwritten. There aren’t any tasks for them to do, but they will help to reinforce spelling paterns, grammar and punctuation.


Access to reliable news content with 10 new texts published every day


A free reading programme for students of all ages


Learn huge range of languages for free! Web-based or app can be downloaded via Chromebook Playstore

Pupil Access to Highlife Highland Digital Resources

Instructions on how to access Highlife Highland's vast bank of electronic resource

Book Award List.pdf

Secondary Reading Lists of quality novels/texts