First Level (P2-P4)


Fun Learning Ideas from V&A in Dundee!

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Getepic (Epic Books)

Epic Books is an online (library of around 35,000 quality books. There are fiction books as well as non-fiction, comic strips and videos. There are also quizzes to accompany the stories. It is also available as an app from the Chromebook Playstore!

World Book Reader

A fantastic site with access to free electronic books!

Pobble 365

Each day there is a different picture for you to talk about with your child. With the picture, comes a drawing task, questions for your child to think about. They may answer them orally or by writing the answer. This will depend on the level that your child is working at.

Scholastic online learning

Scholastic is an educational publisher who has organised a series of lessons and activities for children to do at home.


Spellzine has a large bank of spelling games that encourage children to think about how words are written and to remember their spellings. It is useful, to ask you child to also write down the words as they are more likely to be remembered and spelled correctly if they are handwritten.

Look and Read

For many parents, this will be a blast from the past. It is dated and the video quality is not as good as modern programs, but the stories are still captivating. There are three 10 part stories available here and they contain ‘wordy’ who teaches spelling and reading rules.

Thumble Tumble

To help schools cope with possible teacher shortages & children self-isolating, author, AH Proctor will be streaming live Instagram readings & providing FREE digital teaching packs for children and teachers


There is a monthly subscription of about £5 for this – First month is free. The children can choose from a large variety of books, which are read to them, while the words are highlighted as they are being read.


Access to reliable news content with 10 new texts published every day


A free reading programme for students of all ages


Learn huge range of languages for free! Web-based or app can be downloaded via Chromebook Playstore

British Council Language Resources

Resources for English language learning

Oxford Owl for Home

Lots of free resources for Primary aged pupils


Scholastic learn at home

Challenge 20-20

A set of homework challenges!


A reading site for younger pupils

Pupil Access to Highlife Highland Digital Resources

Instructions on how to access Highlife Highland's vast bank of electronic resource

Learning at Home

The guidance below has been produced by the councl's Literacy Development Team..

Learning at home.docx