Early Level (P1)



There are many online books at the early level. The books are interactive. They give the children the chance to practice individual sounds, hear words and story being read, and reading them for themselves. There are also games which go along with each book.

Scholastic online learning

Scholastic is an educational publisher who has organised a series of lessons and activities for children to do at home.

Getepic (Epic Books)

Epic Books is an online (library of around 35,000 quality books. There are fiction books as well as non-fiction, comic strips and videos. There are also quizzes to accompany the stories. It is also available as an app from the Chromebook Playstore!

Teach Your Monster to Read

This computer progamme is free and is designed to help children who are just setting out on their reading journey. It is well liked and highly thought of by children, parents and teachers.

Thumble Tumble

To help schools cope with possible teacher shortages & children self-isolating, author, AH Proctor will be streaming live Instagram readings & providing FREE digital teaching packs for children and teachers


There is a monthly subscription of about £5 for this – First month is free. The children can choose from a large variety of books, which are read to them, while the words are highlighted as they are being read.

JoJo Gnome

A story podcast for pupils aged 3-6 years old


A free reading programme for students of all ages

CBeebies Radio

Listening activities for young children

British Council Language Resources

Resources for English language learning

Oxford Owl for Home

Lots of free resources for Primary aged pupils


Scholastic learn at home


A reading site for younger pupil

Learning at Home

The guidance below has been produced by the councl's Literacy Development Team...

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