Health and Well-Being

Early Level (P1)

Early HWB


Keeping children safe

High 5

A wide range of resources to help schools deliver effective, inclusive and progressive food & health education for children and young people, from pre-school to High school

UNICEF/Rights Respecting

Resources around Childrens' Rights

10 minutes indoor active ‘shake up’ activities for Early/First level

Food facts and recipes to make and eat with your child/children at home. Suitable for Early/First.

Physical activities for younger children

Physical activity to music

Crafts and activities for young children – nursery and P.1

Games and activities to get young children active

An American site with lots of good interactive games and youtube clips for healthy living.

Lots of interactive and practical activities to make learning about nutrition and exercise easy and fun for all the family.

Recipes for children to cook with an adult or on their own if older.

Health for Kids offers a fun, engaging and interactive way for children to learn about health. Games and articles.

Interactive games – some science based, some around health and the human body. Gives information with each games so can be mini lessons. Information has a print option.

25 Mindfulness games and activities for all ages

Simple analytic games for all ages.

Physical activity for all age


Watch the clip and talk about what you have seen. Who is the main character, where is the clip set, what is the clip about etc

From the clip draw a poster to highlight the key points.

Choose a wellbeing indicator and watch a youtube clip about it. Talk about it with your child. Do a story in pictures about it:

· Staying safe

· Achieving

· Nurtured

· Active

· Responsible

· Respected

· Included