Welcome! You have found the Blacksburg High School (Virginia) Scholarships site! This site is where the counseling office will post scholarship opportunities.

  • Scholarships will be posted frequently, so make it a part of your routine to check the site often.

  • Scholarships are categorized by the month of their deadline; click on a month in navigation bar above to browse scholarships due that month.

  • You will also find a page with legitimate scholarship websites/search engines.

Please review the Scholarship Reminders below!

Reach out to your counselor with any questions.



​Make YOUR deadline for completing the scholarship application at least a week before it is due. This way you may avoid the stress of rushing to get everything done at the last minute.

Stay Organized...

Check out this Scholarship Application Tracker from ECMC.org: https://www.ecmc.org/students/documents/ScholarshipApplicationTracker.pdf


Some applications are available to download and print. If you do not have access to a printer, please stop by the School Counseling office and ask Ms. Dwoyer or Mrs. Noble. We would be happy to print an application for you!


If the scholarship needs a recommendation be sure to give your recommenders plenty of time (if possible 2 or 3 weeks) to complete the recommendation form. Follow up with those recommenders to thank them for their help!

It will be helpful to give your recommenders information on you so they can write the best letter possible. Consider providing them with a completed Recommendation Information Form found on Google Classroom.


If a scholarship requires an essay, don’t let that prevent you from applying! You have been working with your English teachers on college essays, these may be a great place to start for a scholarship essay. Many people will not apply for a scholarship simply because it requires an essay, if you are willing to do the work you have a chance of winning the scholarship.

Should I apply?

YES! If you meet the general qualifications, you should apply. There are scholarships out there for most everybody. Don’t think you have to be the TOP student or TOP athlete to be eligible for a scholarship. If you are willing to do the work, write the essay, and put together an impressive application for the scholarships that you qualify for – you have a chance of winning!