2019 March PL Day



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8:15-9:15 am Arrival and Breakfast

Enjoy a breakfast yogurt bar, fruit, coffee, tea and juice in the Bethany cafeteria (B1)

9:15-10:30am All-Staff Gathering

Gym (B2)

  • Worship- MA Taipei Worship Band
  • Devotion- Trustee Rob Riley
  • SIP Celebrations
    • Mentoring: 1st Annual Advisory Summit March 13-14
    • Innovation: Google Educator Certification Celebration
    • Reporting and Recording: Grading 260 Review from the "Grady" Bunch (aka SAC)
  • Today's Events and Information
    • CCC and session instructions
    • Locations and map listed below
    • Tweet pictures throughout the day to #MApldays
  • Taipei Campus Update and Prayer- Matt Sawatzky

10:30-10:45 Transition

Travel to course alike meeting and grab a snack from a snack cart located on each level

10:45-11:45 CCC Session 1

  1. ALL Math teacher meet (go to regular CCC when finished):
      • K-2- 1st Grade Classroom (1st Floor)
      • 3-5- 3rd Grade Classroom (2nd Floor)
      • MS and HS- Math Classroom (1st Floor)
  2. Link for all other CCC locations (if you are not an Math teacher ) Taipei locations are in the 2nd column
CCC Groups 2018-19

11:45-12:00 Transition

12:00-1:00 Lunch


You will get 6 SB's (Susanna Buck) for lunch. See document for menu.

Taipei Lunch options and prices

1:00-2:00 CCC Session 2

See link for CCC locations

2:00-2:15 Transition

Grab a snack from the cart located on each level

2:15-3:00 Mixed Sessions

The following courses should meet to discuss Power Standards:

  • ALL MS Bible Teachers- 6th grade classroom
  • ALL MS Social Studies Teachers- 7th Grade classroom - if you are both Bible and SS, try to visit both!
  • Go to a CCC group that you are not a member (but teach that course)

if you don't fall into these categories, resume your time/work in your regular CCC

See link for CCC locations

3:15 Dismissal

  • Head to the busses
    • MAC and MAK may take a travel snack for the road.

Morrison Taipei Campus Map


Standards Based Grading Resource Links

Grading Articles for reference