2018 October PL Days SATURDAY

NOTE: The SAT is happening today (8:00am-1:00pm) in

H104, , H107, H108, H203, H204, S111, S211 and S212

Please be quiet when near the HS classrooms today. Thank you.

Wifi Network: MACBYOD Password: iamallin

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Tech support: taichungsupport@mca.org.tw

7:30-8:15 Family Breakfast


8:30-8:50 All Staff Community Worship


  • Worship- The CCC Worship Band
    • Including the "Staff Kids Worship Team"
  • Accompanying spouse dismissal

8:50-10:05 General Session on Biblical Integration


Dr. June Hetzel- Dean and Professor, School of Education, Biola University

Keynote Session 2: “Global Perspectives on the Spiritual Lives of Teachers”

“Be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18) is a command for all believers.

10:15-11:35 CCC Session 2

11:40-12:40 Family Lunch


  • Please pick up your children from childcare before lunch
  • Clothes closet will be open from 12:00-2:00pm (next to south tower housing)
    • The clothes closet is a multi-room treasure of gently used and new clothing, shoes and accessories for all ages and sizes for a small donation of your choosing. All money goes to missions (next to south tower housing).

12:45-1:55 CCC Session 3

Same assigned locations and instructions

2:00-3:00 Workshop Session 2

Your workshops have been assigned and the presenter is expecting you. Please do not change your workshop. Click tabs at the bottom of roster pages for different workshops and their locations.

3:00 Dismissal

  1. Return nametags and housing key (if applicable)
  2. Take a snack if traveling back to MAK or MAT
  3. Board buses if traveling only (MAC people do not board buses or take a snack)
  4. Happy FALL Break and 10/10 holiday!