2017 March 10 PL Day Taipei



8:10-9:00am Arrival and Breakfast

Enjoy Bonnie's homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit, coffee, tea and juice in the Bethany cafeteria (B1)

9:00-10:00am All-Staff Gathering

Gym (B2)

  • Worship- MA Taipei Worship Band
  • Devotion- Trustee Will McKelleher
  • SIP Celebrations
  • Herring Grant Update
  • Today's Events and Information
    • Locations and map listed below
    • Wifi Network: A_TPEBYOD Password: broncos2016
    • Tweet pictures throughout the day to #MApldays

10:00-10:15 Transition

Travel to course alike meeting and grab a snack from a snack cart located on each level

10:15-11:30 Course Alike Session 1

  1. ALL LA teacher meet:
    • K-2 1st grade room (1st floor)
    • 3-5 3rd grade room (2nd floor)
    • 6-8 6th grade room (2nd floor)
    • 9-12 8th grade room (2nd floor)
  2. ALL Counselors and Chaplains meet together in Conference Room (1st floor)
  3. ALL departing staff meet with Bonnie in 2nd grade room (2nd floor)
  4. Link for all other CCC locations (if you are not an LA teacher or Counselor/Chaplain)
  5. Course Assignment Chart
  6. CCC Notes folder- Please write/move/link all notes in this folder
CCC Locations in Taipei

11:30-11:45 Transition

11:45-12:45 Lunch


You will get 6 SB's (Susanna Buck) for lunch. Here are your options:

  • Mexican Food, 4 SB
  • Beef noodle, 3 SB
  • Bubble Tea shop, 2 SB
  • Milk Tea shop, 1 SB
  • Ice Cream shop, 1 SB
  • Massage shop, 1 SB

12:45-1:00 Transition

1:00-1:45 Innovation Showcase

Gym B2

Walk around and visit at least 3 teacher booths. Place a name card in the fishbowl for each booth your visit for a prize drawing.

Innovation Showcase Exhibits March 2017

1:45-2:00 Transition

Find a snack cart as you travel to your CCC

2:00-3:15 Course Alike 2

See link for CCC locations

3:15 Dismissal

  • Head to the busses
    • MAC and MAK may take a travel snack for the road.

Morrison Taipei Campus Map


Printable Schedule

Printable Schedule