2018 March PL Day MAK



8:00-9:00 am Arrival and Breakfast


Enjoy breakfast courtesy of the Support Services Office

  • MAK staff (and anyone already at MAK) please come to breakfast at 8
  • MAC and MAT will get breakfast as soon as busses arrive

9:00-10:00am All-Staff Gathering


  • Worship- MAK Worship Band
  • Devotion- "First Things First"
    • Susan Allen - Dalat International School Bible teacher
  • SIP Celebrations (each campus sharing about one goal)
  • Herring Grant Update- reminder to apply for Herring Grants!
  • Today's Events and Information
    • Locations and map listed below
    • Wifi Network: PLDay Password: no password
    • Tweet pictures throughout the day to #MApldays

10:00-10:15 Transition

Travel to CCC meeting and grab a snack from snack table in MPR

10:15-11:30 CCC Session 1

  1. CCC Chart
  2. MAK CCC Locations
  3. Work on course(s) in Mastery Connect
  4. What do do if you are finished?

Completion Charts:

    1. Elem/MS
    2. HS

Please check email for any additional notes about your CCC group


11:30-11:45 Transition

11:45-12:45 Lunch


  • Lunch Buffet- outside on both side of MPR (same on both sides)
  • Please pick up your new MA t-shirt gift in the MPR

12:45-1:00 Transition

1:00-1:45 Mastery Connect Work

MPR and classrooms (on campus)

  • Work on any courses not addressed in CCC group
  • Spontaneous collaboration and discussion

Required Groups:

  • All advisors for all levels (MS/HS) - Band Room (brief celebratory meeting- go to this meeting only if not in any other meeting below)
  • Mastery-Based Instruction Task Force (teachers already notified) Room: MS 4
  • Teachers leaving Morrison- Garden Conference Room with Bonnie
  • Middle School Festival Performing Arts Teachers check-in- Music room

1:45-2:00 Transition

Grab a snack from the MPR as you travel to your CCC group

2:00-3:00 CCC Session 2

Same as session 1

3:15 Dismissal

  • Head to the busses
    • MAC and MAT may take a travel snack for the road.

Morrison Kaohsiung Campus Map

(pop out for better viewing)

MAK Map Color.pdf