2021 October PL Days

Wifi Network: MACBYOD Password: flourish528

October 2021 PL Days Goals and Purpose:

1. Biblical Integration

    • Teachers develop a holistic and integrated Christian Philosophy of Education (CPE).

    • Teachers evaluate the effectiveness of their Biblical integration after each unit.

2. Cross Campus Collaboration

    • Curriculum Database Work

    • Work through team specific topics if applicable.

3. Provide family friendly activities and fellowship

4. Morrison Core Values: To be a caring community and to pursue excellence in student learning.

5. Support School Improvement Plan (SIP) through workshops and CCC times:

      • Spiritual Formation

      • 2 Way Communication

      • Data Driven

      • Curriculum Database

      • Learning Needs Caseload Management

Map of MAC

Upload Photos

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  • Randomly chosen prize winners for uploading photos- Saturday by 1pm!

  • Prizes will be given out at 2 pm Saturday.