2023 February 28 



Wifi Network: MATBYOD   Password: hope4031

Masks are optional for PL Day

8:20-9:00 am  Arrival and Fellowship


Purpose: To fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

9:00-9:55 am All-Staff Gathering


Purpose: To worship, pray, and devote our day to the Lord. 

MAT 228 2023 PL Day

10:00-11:55 ELA TF Updates/Cross Campus Collaboration 

Various Locations 

Purpose: To learn, share, collaborate, and Curriculum Mapping.

Head to CCC after this meeting

2022-23 CCC Groups/Goals/Instructions

12:00-1:00 Lunch 

Atrium and MPR

Purpose: To provide nutrition and fellowship.

Back and foot massages during lunchtime in Atrium from 12:00-1:00! Stop by and sign up for a number to be called when a spot is available.

Photo booth available 11:30-1:30! 

1:00-3:00 Departing Staff, Cross Campus Collaboration, Alternative collaboration 

Various Locations

Purpose: To learn, share, collaborate, and Curriculum Mapping.

Please attend a meeting in this priority. Return to your regular CCC when finished:


2022-23 CCC Groups/Goals/Instructions

3:00 Dismissal

Morrison Taipei Campus Map

Linkou Floor Plans Teacher Edition (1).pdf

Student learning is directly linked to good and appropriate instruction.  In order to maximize student learning, improving the quality of teaching should be a priority to both the teacher and the supervisor. 

This should be a process that is continuous, using an approach that is systematic and objective.  Procedure 150