MJHS 8th Grade

Social Science


Social Science will transform instructional methods used to monitor and react to student needs at Massac County.

Classroom Mission Statement

To provide experiences that help students to become competitive citizens, moral people, and informed thinkers.


Accessibility, Collaboration, Communication, Competitiveness, Self-Sufficient, Transparency

What you will find in the lessons in this sourcebook:

    • Lesson Learning Targets
    • List of Common Misconceptions
    • Prior Knowledge Assessments (Bell Ringers)
    • Lesson Content Summaries
    • Higher Order Core Questions
    • Lesson Based YouTube Videos and Visual Images
    • Primary Sources for Student Analysis
    • Self-Assessments for Student Feedback
    • Additional Resources for Difficult Concepts
    • Challenges for Advance Students

No Internet? Need a Physical Copy of the Sources?

In an effort to offset the cost of classroom technology, and save the district money, using less paper in the classroom has more than just academic benefits. This change has a financial benefit to our district, community, and taxpayers. If you have a specific need for a physical copy of the materials used in class, just let Mr. Felker know to receive the materials you might need. If you would like to remain paperless, but do not know how, ask Mr. Felker for assistance and we will do all we can to help.