MCSD Teacher Leadership and Compensation Program

We have many great teachers in Marshalltown Schools and we are excited to provide the leadership opportunity for teachers interested in working in this capacity through our Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) system. Job descriptions and applications for all teacher-leader positions are posted at this site. Please use the tabs at the top of the page for updates on each of the teacher leader positions available.

Positions funded by the Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC) system are one school year in length and non-recurring. The contract will state the number of additional days required, the compensation amount for the specific role, and a timeline for the role including specific commencement and expiration dates.

Full-release Teacher Leader Positions

  • Curriculum & Professional Development Leader (CPDL)

  • Instructional Coach (IC)

Classroom Teacher Leader Positions

  • Mentor Teacher

  • PLC Lead