Mission Statement

Get Involved! Although participation in co-curricular clubs is a valuable part of the total educational experience, participation is a privilege, and not a right. Participation carries with it certain responsibilities and expectations. Participants must abide by the rules and responsibilities that apply to Matawan Regional High School, Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District Board of Education Policies, and the rules of each specific co-curricular club.

Students who participate in co-curricular clubs are more likely to perform well in the classroom, feel connected to their school and find more satisfying positions after graduation than those who do not participate. We hope that all of our students will “Become Involved” as active participants in our school community.


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Google Classroom Codes for All Clubs '23-'24

Academic Challenge Team Advisor(s): Maria Ciaravino Code: rmwyq7a

African-American Student Union Advisor(s): Latieffa Mackey Code: Code: sxlk4q

ANIME Advisor(s): Sal Frisina Code: 3q2qnfz

Archery Advisor(s): Andrew Lasko Code: eemhtzw

Art Advisor(s): Samantha Parlow Code: TBA

Band Advisor(s): Kevin Cotter Code: TBA

Beautification Club Advisor(s): Amanda Longo & Jessica Grieci Code: y2onh53

Challenger Team Advisor(s): Lee Pickell Code: mszbssd

Chamber Choir Advisor(s): Andre Baldasserini Code: xyj3bnc

Chess Advisor(s): Kathleen Mancuso Code: l3hsnjq

Coding & Design Club Advisor(s): Krista Huebsch Code: t3o2af3

Creative Writing Club (Trial Year) Advisor(s): Alexis Whitney Code: rzd3gtx

FBLA (Formerly DECA) Advisor(s): Krista Huebsch Code: dsrdjw5

English Honor Society Advisor(s): Maria Ciaravino Code: mau7v6h

Environmental Advisor(s): Louise Tomassello Code: "nuqq5wj

E-Sports Advisor(s): Jeff Olechnowicz Code: ogffvot

Film Club Advisor(s): Craig Burfeindt Code: 57uz35g

FMLA (Future Medical Leaders of America) Advisor(s): Paul Servidio Code: t2ujtiv

Food and Fashion Advisor(s): Brieanne Sullivan Code: ti523jw

Freshman Class Advisor(s): MaryKate Shalhoub Code: sm4ljux

History and Government Advisor(s): Linda Walling Code: d3kxgx2

Interact Advisor(s): TBA Code: TBA

Investment Club Advisor(s): Sal Frisina Code: byq3a4u

Jazz Band Advisor(s): Kevin Cotter Code: TBA

Junior Class Advisor(s): Joana Ross & Madison Hlavach Code: kbsnvza

Key Club Advisor(s): Kathleen Mancuso Code: hwm4xjs

Latin Club Advisor(s): Patricia Portee-Wells Code: wg5wwjd

Literary Art Journal Advisor(s): Alexa Beyer Code: TBA

Marching Band Advisor(s): Kevin Cotter Code: TBA

Mathematics Competition League Advisor(s): Kerry Laughlin Code: ife2kbs

Math Honor Society Advisor(s): Neil Jackman Code: thghn3i

Mock Trial Advisor(s): Erica Unterburger Code: 2qsdxfc

Model UN Advisor(s): MaryKate Shalhoub Code: TBA

MRHS News (Huskieview) Advisor(s): Robert Carnovsky Code: 5a7kcev

National Honor Society Advisor(s): Rebecca Groninger & Jessica Grieci Code: sj2jshk

Peer Leadership Advisor(s): Michelle O'Neill Code: 67ye2a2

Physics Club Advisor(s): Julia Melikhova Code: agrbisb

Robotics Club Advisor(s): Andy Lasko Code: r5ct3jo 

Rowan Teacher Prep Academy Advisor(s): Michelle O'Neill Code: fyxfw5m

SADD Advisor(s): Maria Ciaravino Code: jzpvebx

Safe Space Advisor(s): MaryKate Shalhoub Code: TBA

Science National Honor Society Advisor(s): Greg Milan Code: tu6ke3p

Senior Class Advisor(s): Linda Walling Code: 4txe5rn

Sophomore Class Advisor(s): Patricia Portee-Wells Code: y55almz

Sound and Light Club Advisor(s): Mike Wells Code: TBA

Special Olympics Unified Sports Advisor(s): Ed Barrett & Melanie Scheuller Code: j4ha2u2

Speech and Debate (Forensics) Advisor(s): Julianna Walker Code: kjihegu

Student Council Advisor(s): Krista Huebsch Code: dsxhyop

Student Equity Team Advisor(s): Michelle O'Neill Code: e6uwsmn

Thespian Society Advisor(s): Linda Walling Code: oc7p3kf

Tri-M Music Honor Society Advisor(s): Kevin Cotter Code: TBA

TV Studio Advisor(s): Craig Burfeindt Code: TBA

Unified Peer Club Advisor(s): Michelle Sloan Code: lhqazq4

Women's Empowerment Advisor(s): Amanda Longo & Jessica Grieci Code: 337tcch

World Language Honor Society Advisor(s): Natalie Torres Code: jauawcy

Yearbook Advisor(s): Sheryl Kish & MaryKate Shalhoub Code: buozquu

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