7th Grade Choir


Amanda Gundling, Director

Students in 8th grade choir continue their vocal and musical development with a focus on blend, tone and continued work with registration. They learn and perform a variety of genres and are expected to sing both a cappella and accompanied repertoire. In addition, student’s experience arranging a “pop tune” each semester as an ensemble.

Students begin to work in sectionals in 8th grade to develop vocal independence. With the mindset of developing vocal independence the entire choir learns a level 4 NYSSMA solo. We do not mandate that every student goes to NYSSMA to perform this solo but they certainly have the opportunity to do so in the Spring.

8th Grade choir members expand upon the music theory learned in 6th and 7th grade. They continue to study sight reading on NYSSMA levels 3-4 and are expected to gain an understanding of rhythmic values including quarter, half, whole, eighth, sixteenth notes and dotted/ syncopated rhythms. They experience reading music in a variety of meters both simple and compound and are also introduced to a variety of flat and sharp key signatures. Using solfege students learn the Major scale intervals that make up the majority of our repertoire.

In addition to winter and spring concerts, 8th Grade Choir students have a variety of collaborative performance opportunities. They travel to or work with university level professors and musicians. The past few years they have attended workshops at the University of Connecticut. Every year in December 8th grade choir members travel to New York City to perform in the lobby of the Met Life building.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the 8th grade select chorus and compete at Music in the Parks at Lake Compounce with the Hommocks Singers. The select chorus meets each week during a lunch period.