Foundations of Fabrication

Sign-ups for the 2023 cohort 2 are open.
Cohort 2 will start July 1, 2023.
(Cohort 1 is full)

Foundations of Fabrication is a 6 month (approx 24 weeks) course designed to give participants a full introductory experiance in all the aspects of making available at MakeHaven, including:

  • Woodworking, Textiles, Metalworking, DIY Biology, 2D Design, Embedded Programming, Sensor Inputs, Programed Outputs to Devices, 3D Design, Electronics Design and Fabrication, CNC Milling, Servers & Applications, Interfaces & UX/UI Design, Molding & Casting, Composite Materials, Mechanical Design, and Machine Design

A Course Designed to Fit Full Lives

For the first time, you can learn across multiple areas of fabrication and see how they fit together. Create an impressive portfolio as you go.

Designed to fit into full-time lives and around full-time work, Foundations of Fabrication offers a chance to learn a full spectrum of skills.

  • About 10 hours/week

  • Small class size to guarantee individualized instructor attention

  • Earn your Maker Certification and create an impressive portfolio

  • Plans in place for remote work as needed

Now is the time to MAKE a positive change and discover where learning can take you.

With support from:

A CTNext Affiliated Initiative which is a major supporter of MakeHaven