MMSD Anti-Racism Resources Website

Welcome to the Movement

MMSD colleagues - Join the Movement! Use this website as a resource for professional learning on race, equity, anti-racism and abolitionism. Resources are organized by three phases:

Discover. Disrupt. Dismantle.

Not sure what phase your community may be in or where to begin? No worries! The phases provide an "entry point" to begin digging deeper into learning and taking action, but they should not not been seen as static or fixed. We encourage you to look at resources in each phase to see what resources best fit your professional learning.

See the descriptions below for the phases and learn more in School Guidance.

Check back often for updated resources!

Go to the bottom of this page to share YOUR resources and the professional learning you have created. We will upload and give you credit.


This phase is best for schools/departments that are still building a critical mass of staff who are familiar with foundational knowledge in terms and concepts about racism, privilege, identity and impact. There may still only be a small core who are willingly and eagerly wanting to spend professional learning time to discuss race, equity and anti-racism.


This phase is best for schools/departments that have shared leadership in designing and leading race & equity professional learning and have developed the culture to have deeper conversations about racism and our actions. Resources in this phase are designed for those who are ready to deepen their thinking and examination of how racism works and for those who have the openness to unlearn or challenge how individual actions and systems uphold racism.


This phase is best for schools/departments who have demonstrated evidence of engaging and elevating youth voice, family voice and tending to harm with Black, Indigenous and People of Color staff, families and youth. There is a culture of staff who are leading professional learning for colleagues and who are influencers in positive ways to innovate and disrupt.

In 2019-2020 we held an all District Back-to-School Rally and brought Dr. Bettina Love, author of We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching And The Pursuit of Educational Freedom as our keynote speaker. This was the beginning of our Movement! We asked all schools to provide a required professional learning experience during Welcome Back week which featured the video Race, The Power of An Illusion and the power of empathic listening as a way to build a community that can hold multiple truths when talking about the impact of race and racism. See the School Guidance page for a link to the Google Slides used that year.

In 2020-21 our approach to building the Movement is based on on three phases that help individuals and communities set the conditions to lead for anti-racism. We are asking schools to use seven dedicated Wednesdays (21 hours) to continue and deepen their professional learning based on where Principals and colleagues who normally design professional learning believe their school community can benefit deeper learning to take actions as anti-racist educators. The outcome for this year is to deepen knowledge, learn strategies and skills and enhance dispositions to engage and apply content about race, anti-racism and equity for all staff in their respective roles in order to disrupt inequities, lead for racial justice and uplift anti-racist social emotional learning so that students are seen, heard and thrive without harm.

This website provides suggested scopes & sequences and resources for each of those phases and identifies the required professional learning for this year. See School Guidance and each Phase page for more information.

Discover. Disrupt. Dismantle.


We want to build a Movement - please share any resources you are using or professional learning you developed by this form to upload information and share more with us.