Lockhart ISD

Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

District Vision

We commit to 1.5 years growth for all students. Every day, we are intentional with how we review data, monitor instruction, and apply strategic pressure paired with focused support. In LISD, we cultivate and celebrate a culture of excellence, accelerating growth for all students and ensure they are college and career ready.

Instructional Coach and Technology Instructional Mentor Vision

Cultivate a collaborative environment in order to advocate for and support a redefinition of the educational experience to unlock all students’ potential.

Support Curriculum & Instruction

The C & I Department is headed by the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Dr. Stephaine Camarillo along with the Director of Elementary Curriculum, Faith Pope.

The support team consists of five Instructional Coaches and three Technology Instructional Mentors along with a District Software Specialist.

This team works together to support instruction in LISD to help teachers and students achieve the district goals. Our district's goals are:

  • Goal 1 - create a collaborative culture of contagious ambition

  • Goal 2 - expect all staff to embrace growth opportunities

  • Goal 3 - empower all students to seize opportunities to achieve at high levels.