Final Copy of Lake Stevens Aug. 2020 Staff
Maximizing Distance Learning

The following document, Support for Students in a Distance Learning Model includes guidance on providing small group instruction.

Additional guidance for 1:1 live sessions:

  • Please invite another adult: admin, another teacher or parent to be present when 1:1 session with student is scheduled. If they do not attend, that is fine because the virtual door is open.

  • Make sure link to live session is posted in LMS for access by co-teachers and administrators, again as a virtual "open door."

Distance Learning Continuum of Supports

LSSD Elementary Teaching & Learning Team

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning ~ Ken Collins

Executive Director of Instructional Leadership ~ Gina Anderson

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction ~ Mike Snow

Director of Educational Technology and Assessment ~ Mike Weatherbie

Executive Director of Special Services ~ Miriam Tencate

Director of Special Services ~ Keri Joseph

Director of Student Interventions ~ Sarah Danielson