Festival`s Theme: Let's Experiment Together

This year theme’s is "Let’s Experiment Together" that we will embrace the concepts of experimentation, innovation, creativity, curiosity, and invention that lie at the heart of STEM. Experimentation is a crucial part of innovation, and some would argue that there's no innovation without experimentation. Elements of STEM are integral to our nation’s economy – from health care to infrastructure needs, energy, and the environment. That’s why one of the most important tasks we have as educators is to encourage our students to consider careers in STEM. To get them to that point, they need to develop the ability to question and plan ways through experimentation to find viable solutions. Bringing together innovators and showcasing the work of ‘Experimenters’ of all shapes and forms, the 9th Annual Arkansas STEM Festival will celebrate the spirit of adventure, inquiry, and experimentation that push the frontiers of our knowledge about ourselves, the world around us and our place in the wider Universe.


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Field Trip

We’re so excited for your students to attend the STEM Fest Field Trip! Tens of exploration stations will provide hands-on activities that bring opportunity for engagement and exchange between children, teens, families, and local STEM professionals.

Project Submission

Students may construct their own projects to demonstrate at the festival. STEM Teachers can work with their students to construct a project to be presented at the festival.

Exhibitor Registration

Artists have a great way to showcase their work to a large, engaged audience.

Businesses can showcase their products and expertise to the audience.

Event Details

Event Schedule

08:30 - 10:00 Project Setup

10:00 - 11:30 Project Display & Students Demos

11:30 - 12:30 Award Ceremony

Where? Arkansas State Fairgrounds Hall Of Industry

Arkansas State Fairgrounds Hall Of Industry

2600 Howard St.Little Rock, AR 72206

Why you should attend this festival ?

The Arkansas STEM Festival is an incredible event just because of the sheer number of benefits and experiences it provides. Read More..


The Annual Arkansas STEM Festival Testimonies

“[The Arkansas STEM Festival] is a showcase of the possibilities that STEM provides to students.”

Johnny Key, Arkansas Commissioner of Education

The Annual Arkansas STEM Festival Testimonies

“[The students at the Arkansas STEM Festival] really are the future of our state.”

Attorney General of Arkansas Leslie Rutledge

The Annual Arkansas STEM Festival Testimonies

“This is a wonderful STEM Festival and we’re glad to be a part of it.”

Kevin Beaumont, Arkansas Department of Education

Additional Information

Festival`s Theme : “Green Initiative”

This year, we will be exploring the theme of This year's theme is Green Initiative that we will explore science’s role in addressing the biggest global environmental challenges and helping to secure a more sustainable future.

We share our planet with almost eight billion people and the collective environmental challenges we face have never been greater or more complex. Increasing demands for food, water, energy and infrastructure are pushing nature to its limits, and the impacts of the climate emergency we are facing are increasingly more apparent. Life on Earth is a wonderful yet fragile thing.

“Green Initiative” is the theme for students to explore topics on improving energy conservation, improved water quality and efficiency, reduced waste production and improved recycling programs, as well as learn about key relationships between dynamic environmental, energy, and human systems.

We hope that this year’s festival helps engage learners of all ages with hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that focus on real-world challenges within the natural environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to register to attend the festival?

A: Yes you do, see the questions below to find the appropriate registration link for you.

Q: I need more information about attending the festival as a group. What can you tell me about it?

A: Attending the festival as a group will be a great experience for all members of the group. You will learn about the various topics of STEM from knowledgeable students, hobbyists, and professionals from across the state of Arkansas, participate in some of the hands-on projects throughout the festival, and enjoy the brand new art exhibit! Read More..