5th Annual Arkansas STEM Festival


5th Annual AR STEM Festival Awards

Overall Winner Award

Arkansas STEM Festival's overall project presentation winner will be awarded with an Apple Watch. If the winning project is a group project, each student in the group gets one Apple Watch! Please keep in mind that each project can be presented by maximum two students

Category Awards

· 1st Place: Trophy, medal for each participant (up to two) and $20 gift card for the group.

· 2nd Place: Medal for each participant (up to two) and $10 gift card for the group.

· 3rd Place: Winners will be recognized at the award ceremony and certificates will be mailed after the event.

Visitor Award

Any visitor who installs the AR STEM app becomes a judge. Visitors can earn points as they rate the projects and who gets the most overall points will receive an Apple Watch! The winner will be announced during the award ceremony.

Teacher* Award

Teachers* who have a minimum 5 project submissions (by his/her students) to the AR STEM Festival will be awarded with a science demonstration kit if at least one of those projects is qualified to participate. Participation on the festival day is required to receive the science demonstration kit. It will be presented during the award ceremony.

* Only for Non-LISA Teachers.