The purpose of the Festival is to expose Arkansas's youth to the exciting and engaging world of  STEM and to ignite their interests and motivation for these disciplines.

What is The Arkansas STEM Festival?

The Annual Arkansas STEM Festival is the premier free admission STEM showcase in the state of Arkansas and certainly has much to offer for students and adults alike. Schools from across the state bring their students to present and view the 100+ demonstrations on display, and with the countless benefits for the students it’s no wonder why. Students have the extremely valuable opportunity to get up on stage and present their demonstration to a large audience of their peers. This “share and shine” experience allows students to improve their communication and presenting skills in a formal scientific environment at a young age.

STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math, is rapidly becoming one of the most important set of skills in the workforce and education alike. Through the STEM Festival, students have, among other things, used science to perform mind blowing tricks, technology and engineering to automate everyday tasks, and have found ways to make math a more exciting experience than ever before. While numerous students come to show off their computer science and programming demonstrations, there is a place for everyone at the Arkansas STEM Festival.

Getting Involved

Electronics and Programming Hobbyists now have a place to bring their work out into the world.

Artists have a great way to showcase their work to a large, engaged audience.

Businesses can showcase their products and expertise to the audience.

Students may construct their own projects to demonstrate or view other demonstrations.

Parents can bring younger children to be inspired by the work of other children or guide the construction of their own child’s project.

Project Mentors can guide students on the construction of their demonstration.

Teachers can arrange field trips for their students .

STEM Teachers can work with their students to construct a project to be presented at the festival or bring their students to engage with the projects at the festival.

Schools can:

Encourage their students to construct and present their work at the festival.

Bring their students to view the presentations at the festival.

Have a booth to promote their school.

Form a partnership with the Arkansas STEM Festival.