Why you should attend The Arkansas STEM Festival?

The Arkansas STEM Festival is an incredible event just because of the sheer number of benefits and experiences it provides. The 100+ engaging demonstrations at the festival are a sight to behold! It is among the largest meetings of the Arkansas STEM community in the entire state and is an ideal field trip destination as it is completely free and highly educational for students of all ages.

In fact, the beauty of The Arkansas STEM Festival is that there is benefit for anyone who attends the festival! Presenting students obtain numerous valuable experiences. Including presenting their work to a large and engaging audience, meeting with and discussing STEM with experts in their fields, teaching others about STEM, learning about STEM from others and from STEM focused companies, hearing influential STEM figures speak, and even the opportunity to be recognized for their work! Students who aren’t presenting a project at the festival have much to see and do as well! They can learn from and engage with the various demonstrations, especially the hands-on demonstrations throughout the festival, and even take a tour of the UALR campus. And parents and adults can come to the festival and admire their child’s work, view the artwork at the new art exhibition, and learn about STEM from knowledgeable students, hobbyists, and businesses from across the state.